Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Isn’t Saying Anything Helpful As A Psychologist Or Otherwise!


Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) The Youtube God

The more I keep hearing about Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) the more I wonder whether this guy has all of his brain cells, let alone be a real Psychologist.

Take for instance,  his video on Depression.  Really listen to what he’s saying.


Did you listen?  Still think he’s a “Guru” or “Genius” or “Spiritual Leader” or worse yet, a “Psychologist”?

Take a look at the title of this video.  “A Message To The Depressed People” then, listen to what he’s not saying and what he is saying.

“Depress is really ‘Deep Rest'” he states and goes on to tell his own story about he was over-worked and relationship problems etc..  He talks about his depression being a call for him to “lay down, Ralph”.  Well, he did lay down.  As a matter of fact, he laid down in a psychiatric ward for weeks and took meds for his depression.  Think I’m joking?  He said it himself in THIS video. Scroll down on his page to find the video and listen to it.  It’s only 3:34 mins long.

In case you’re wondering what has me writing about him, let me bring up what a commenter on the first linked video said.  This commenter was bright enough to mention that the type of depression that 31-year-old Smart is talking about in this video is not true depression but, rather a situational issue.  They also commented that he should know better as a so-called psychologist that there’s a difference between situational depression which is simply being tired, overworked etc., and true depression.  They go on to recount examples from their own life where they have 2 people or relatives that they know who have been diagnosed as being Bi-Polar and a friend who has committed suicide.  Smart isn’t talking about that kind of depression at all and yet, many younger people will go un-treated and un-diagnosed because they’ve listened to Smart tell them it’s “ok to be depressed” and “go lay down or go to a spa and get a massage”.

Sadly, there are many people walking this planet who have chemical imbalances, mental illnesses that they cannot help like being Bi-Polar or Autistic etc. for whom eating Vegan and laying down or getting a massage will not cure them of their depression.  Many people are near suicide or are suicidal and have attempted it.  If it were that simple to cure, why would we need psychologists or psychiatrists?  Ask yourself, would real psychiatrists and psychologists tell depressed people who all they need to do is to lay down or go to a spa?  That would lead to malpractice suits.  However, because Smart is a YouTube marketer who calls himself a “psychologist”, he can get away with it…at least, thus far anyway.


True Depression isn’t cured by a spa day or laying down for a rest

Although we’ll likely never hear of these cases and we’d pray that it doesn’t happen, there could be depressed people who listen to Smart’s advice and lay down for “deep rest” with a bottle of pills swallowed, never to wake up again.  What then?  This YouTube King, handing out advice as a “psychologist” which has not been proven by any credible source except his own mouthed words, will have led people like this astray and possibly, to delay life-saving help and medications if needed.

Not once but twice, this same commenter on the previous video, also commented on this video of Smart’s, entitled “10 Ancient Symbols to Change Your Life”.   Watch that one too.  I did.  I watched both of these videos because someone laughed and recommended that I do watch them both though I have long since sworn off of giving one red cent to this charlatan.

Here’s another example where Smart has crossed the lines in his title.  “Change your life”?  The commenter asks how it will change someone’s life to know these 10 symbols.  Are we supposed to wear them, look at them, what are we supposed to do with them that changes our lives?  I have to agree.  Smart does not say how they are supposed to do that. He only makes a statement in his title that they will.  Nothing said in the video to support that title.  It’s also agreeable with what the commenter has stated.  “Great hook-in”.  It is.  That’s all that it is though.  It’s not anything that will “help” anyone in any way to “change their lives”.  I should know, I wear an Ankh and eye symbol, not because I think that they do anything but, because I was given them as gifts.  Bad crap still happens in my life as it does in everyone’s lives.

Smart is spewing out some common-sense stuff, some metaphysical pieces that every spiritual writer has already talked about and frankly, pure crap that may do harm to some. He’s making money off of and paying his bills with every click he gets on one of his many, many videos that he pours out every week.  Sadly, the younger generations have put him on a pedestal and lap them up like he’s God.  He’s not.  He’s likely as screwed up as everyone else is in his own life.  He simply has a better performance for the camera with his calming voice, mannerisms and smile.  Nothing more, nothing less.  He’s actually dangerous for some young people in deep trouble who are seeking help somewhere out of desperation and paying his bills while proclaiming to help people as a psychologist and sooner or later, he’s going to run out of material to make videos from and will re-cycle them as he’s done in the past.

For those truly suffering from depression, even if it is situational or you’re simply tired, seek out proper professional-medical help.  Don’t take the word of a YouTuber who has no real accreditation as anything and is out to market himself only, free to you or not, he’s making money off of your clicks onto all of his many videos.  That’s what he’s interested in despite his claims otherwise.



Please NOTE:  This piece is now about a year old and therefore, as of Feb. 2018, I will no longer be following comments on this piece.  HERE IS WHY. 



13 thoughts on “Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Isn’t Saying Anything Helpful As A Psychologist Or Otherwise!

  1. When I listen to Ralph’s videos, I feel very motivated and inspired. He is a normal guy like anyone else and tells you he is just letting you know what philosophies have helped him on his journey. You decide if it will help you.


  2. Instead of stealing others joy, try posting positive things about other people. Your negative opinion brings others down. Focus on posting uplifting things that will attract more great people! Maybe you would make great money like Ralph does! Your jealous side is showing in this article, So sad. I bet Ralph really is a great guy!


    • Again, Jillyn…thank you for your comment.

      Now, please, by all means…go back and watch Mr. Smart all that your heart desires. I’m not stopping you nor, am I stealing your “joy”. You didn’t have to read anything that I’ve written, did you? I had no gun to your head. And, by the way, have you read anything else that I’ve written or just the posts about Mr. Smart. That tells everyone else a story right there about yourself and your own needs but, more incredibly, how Mr. Smart works. You’ve proven my points for me. Thank you for this and your other comment.

      By the way, you may want to ask Mr. Smart just how much he actually makes off of vulnerable people and why he’s still living with his mother. It might be interesting to hear his answer. Oh wait…he won’t answer you so you can only “bet” that he’s a “great guy”, right?

      Again, thank you for proving exactly what I am talking about when it comes to good ole Ralph Smart. You’ve done a smash up job on that.

      Best wishes!


    • Dr. Ron….he’s NOT a psychologist and that’s why one can’t find him on ANY registry within the U.K. as he claims.

      And, by the way, it’s suspect whether “Ralph Smart” is his real name. I’ve had people do detective work in the U.K., who cannot figure it out fully. However, there are no sources to date, which unequivocally state that this guy (picture and all) is a psychologist in any way. One can only imagine that him having a B.A. in a combined degree with Criminology, (which does seem to be true) is why he considers himself both a psychologist as well as a criminologist. He’s worked in neither capacity beyond some lab work and perhaps, some clinical work while getting that B.A.. Apparently, his claims pertain to the U.K. (England) vs the U.S..

      Thank you ever so much for your time and thought though. It’s truly appreciated and I will research that link that you’ve listed.

      (Disclaimer: If ANYONE has credible sourced proof that he IS a psychologist, I’d be willing and open to reverse my thinking on this portion of things.)

      Best wishes, Love and Light.


      • Interesting. Here in the states, the title of “psychologist” is a protected term. This varies from state to state, but most frequently it means that one has to be licensed in order to call themselves a psychologist. Licensing also varies by stated, but usually one must have a doctorate and pass the federal licensure exam and frequently there is also a state jurisprudence exam. No idea what the requirements are in the U.K.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Exactly Dr Ron and the UK has a very similar set of criteria. To date, no one has been able to come up with any of Smart’s records that prove that he’s been through the entire process nor has the required credentials in order to call himself a psychologist as he’s doing.


  3. I was in deep rest i went to my local hospital and got diagnosed with multi personality disorder and was told ild never get over this and i need to learn to live with it how wrong was they after watching ralph things became clearer happier and much more managable ralph smart saved my life saved my family and defently put me back on to the right path i no longer fill the way i did and thats all thanks to ralph mabey instead of listening to what he said listen to what he isnt saying slow motion this side 😏 hopefully youll raise your frequency and understand what you do today changes what you will do tomorrow ralph smart for pm can i get a hello there 🙋 im proof ralph helpes sheeple well at least 1 become there greatest version peeeaaaace

    Liked by 1 person

    • A Freeman, let me say that I’m so happy for you that a nap, a trip to a spa and a layperson, Youtuber, Ralph Smart with his vegan eating could “cure” you so nicely of multi personality disorder when thoroughly trained, accredited and licensed medical doctors with degrees/specialities in psychiatry couldn’t do so.

      I think that your story is perhaps, proof that no one needs a doctor of any kind. Everyone simply needs a computer or tablet or wifi enabled cell phone to watch good ole Ralph Smart, eating only plant based foods, huh?

      I am raising my frequencies and am about to tell you that you sound like he does with all of his phrasings, also mentioning that I won’t be telling anyone to stop seeing their legally trained doctors and watch Youtube for Mr. Smart.

      Best of wishes. This piece is now about a year old and I won’t be being part of Smartian Land.

      Question: When Ralph decides to drop his YouTube channel (and he will), what will YOU do?


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